Our Honey


Ngahere honey is the special blended honey from various kinds of flowers, with a rich and satisfying taste, melting in the mouth.


Rewarewa, or New Zealand Honeysuckle, is found throughout the North Island of New Zealand. The Rewarewa tree grows up to 30 meters high and flowers from October to December. Rewarewa honey is an amber colour with a delightful smooth malty flavour.

Ma honey

Delicious, creamy and white Mā Honey is an easy to spread mild tasting family favourite. Sourced from pastoral areas surrounding Hawkes Bay Mā Honey is blended together with other white nectars. Our famous Mā Honey is mainly Clover with the added taste of Blackberry and Thistle.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a much sought after type of honey that is almost exclusively produced in New Zealand. This type of honey is derived from two different yet closely related plants that are both commonly called manuka. Both of these trees grow solely in New Zealand, making them and their honey a very popular product.